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Social media gurus would have you believe that email is gone the way of the slinky…..into the dustbin of the marketing toy chest. Being Irish/Italian I love a good debate (and not to stereotype…but I do love my booze &  pasta too). Here is how the conversation goes: ME: Have you purchased something from Amazon […]

Time is money and any successful social media campaign requires time. It is easy to point to companies like Burger King or Ford who have used social media extremely effectively – but they also have a team of “big bang theory” individuals running their social media campaigns. Given that the majority of 18-64 year olds […]

We are very pleased to be able to share the news that Colliers Phoenix, AZ has selected youMAIL, our email marketing platform system, to handle their office’s outgoing email marketing campaigns. Youman welcomes Colliers Phoenix, AZ as a new client. Here is what they have to say about the switch; “Youman Media has provided excellent service and […]