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Social media gurus would have you believe that email is gone the way of the slinky…..into the dustbin of the marketing toy chest. Being Irish/Italian I love a good debate (and not to stereotype…but I do love my booze &  pasta too). Here is how the conversation goes: ME: Have you purchased something from Amazon […]

Time is money and any successful social media campaign requires time. It is easy to point to companies like Burger King or Ford who have used social media extremely effectively – but they also have a team of “big bang theory” individuals running their social media campaigns. Given that the majority of 18-64 year olds […]

Youman Media is proud to announce the creation of a Multi-Media division, which will focus on Digital Marketing for the commercial real estate industry. Youman has hired Nathalie Bourdon as Vice-President of Multi-Media. She will head up this new division, which will provide enhanced service offerings for our clients. “This is the right focus at […]