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We are very pleased to be able to share the news that Colliers Phoenix, AZ has selected youMAIL, our email marketing platform system, to handle their office’s outgoing email marketing campaigns. Youman welcomes Colliers Phoenix, AZ as a new client.

Here is what they have to say about the switch;

“Youman Media has provided excellent service and a great product which has helped to increase office productivity and improve our email marketing delivery success rate. Their expert staff has custom designed quality templates specifically tailored to our office, which allows us to deliver professional quality property eblasts to our clients and colleagues, while still allowing us the ability to upload customized html coding if necessary.

They have been instrumental in making the transition to their platform as painless as possible. They have gone above and beyond in providing a level of customer service that is rarely seen in any business. They have provided training to several of our admins, allowing them to get up to speed and become immediately productive with their respective team’s email marketing. They have also in the process of helping us to “clean up” and understand the importance of having and maintaining a healthy email client list.  I would not hesitate to recommend Youman Media to any company looking for this type of product/service. We have researched several of the more popular email marketing services and concluded that Youman would be the best solution for our needs, and after several months of using Youman, we can honestly say that we have made THE RIGHT CHOICE!”

– Tony Gutierrez |  Graphic Designer
Colliers International | Phoenix, AZ

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