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Social media gurus would have you believe that email is gone the way of the slinky…..into the dustbin of the marketing toy chest. Being Irish/Italian I love a good debate (and not to stereotype…but I do love my booze &  pasta too).

Here is how the conversation goes:

ME: Have you purchased something from Amazon or any other online store?


ME: Did you get your confirmation of purchase via Facebook, twitter or any other social media site?


ME: You got it from Email didn’t you?

ME: (feeling cocky now)…and did you get confirmation of shipping via email too?

THEM: (finally looks up from their phone…because I got them) Yes

ME: Did you get a coupon a few days later inviting you to purchase again from them via email?



The truth is email still outranks social media as the marketing medium that actually converts viewers/recipients into purchasers.

Email is Dead Graph


It is also the least expensive marketing medium out there. Email allows you to try campaigns, review responses and immediately adjust and try it again at no extra cost – does print, radio, TV and other forms marketing offer this same flexibility?

The answer is no – if your campaign bombs like a Sinbad movie you are left with little to no ROI and a large bill that still must be paid regardless.

Email is as forgiving as a California Judge at a Lindsey Lohan trial. So, go ahead and market your listings – try new ideas as there is NO EXTRA COST to try it again if it doesn’t work the first time!

So like social media itself that has reported on Betty White having died over 8 times in the past 5 years – social media gurus have incorrectly reported on the death of email. It is very much alive and very much kicking its “A”!



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