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“As the owner of MyReta and, more importantly, the gentleman that designed the concept of the program I want to make sure that anyone we bring into the “Myreta group” is passionate, competent, and reliable. When it became clear that we needed a bulk email delivery system to be a part of the Myreta service I turned to Youman Media. This was no light decision as I would be trusting MY CUSTOMERS with a third party email vendor. Having known of Youman’s reputation with commercial real estate offices I reached out to them and I knew instantly I had made the right decision.

Their programmers have worked with ours to develop a strategy of integration that is flexible to the needs of our customers today but also with the foreknowledge that these needs will change over time. While the integration of the Youman email system took place we still needed to provide services to our customers and William Mariani came up with a way for us to “bridge” our two services until the integration was complete. Therefore, we were able to service our clients immediately even though the integration was not done.

William and his team are problem solvers! Their knowledge of the laws in US & Canada gives me a great deal of comfort as I know I will be compliant and not have to worry about fines, blacklisting, etc.

I highly recommend their product and service to anyone considering the use of a bulk emailing delivery system”

Jack Minter, Owner

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