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Youman Media is proud to announce the creation of a Multi-Media division, which will focus on Digital Marketing for the commercial real estate industry. Youman has hired Nathalie Bourdon as Vice-President of Multi-Media. She will head up this new division, which will provide enhanced service offerings for our clients.

“This is the right focus at the right time, as commercial real estate offices fight for market share in today’s information saturated world,” said Noelle Schilling, vice-president of marketing & special projects. “People have less time and attention span then in the past, so we believe professionals need to adapt to this new reality. It might be better for a group to produce a quick, engaging two minute video then a detailed and informative market report.”

With the creation of this new division, Youman has positioned itself to offer their clients an expansive list of multi-media services, with a core focus on cost-effective video. The ultimate goal is to help both global offices and independent brokers transition into a new arena of digital marketing.

Nathalie Bourdon’s Bio

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